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Our Certificaions

Why choose us!

  • 20+ years of experience in the industry

    With a rich and proven track record spanning over 20 years, our organization has amassed invaluable expertise and unparalleled industry knowledge. Our extensive experience positions us as a trusted leader in the field, uniquely equipped to meet the diverse needs and challenges of our clientele.

  • Fully compliant processes with global standards

    LMS has recently obtained ISO 13739:2020 certification, solidifying our position as the sole bunker supplier in Sri Lanka to be recognized with this esteemed accreditation. ISO 13739:2020 sets forth comprehensive guidelines governing the bunkering process, ensuring that our procedures for transferring bunkers to vessels adhere to the highest industry standards.

  • Highest product quality standards maintained

    The products we supply consistently meet the high-quality standards defined by the ISO 8217 standard. To further the efforts of maintaining high quality, we employ rigorous testing procedures throughout our procurement process and conduct periodic testing to guarantee that our customers receive the best quality products.

  • Efficient operations and timely communications

    LMS crew ensures the utmost safety and efficiency with minimum delays in all operations as the most experienced crew in Sri Lanka. We ensure our clientele is updated on a timely manner on every step of the delivery.

  • Proudly serve a diverse clientele of 200+ international customers

    We take immense pride in serving a diverse clientele, exceeding 200 international customers. Our foundation is built on delivering exceptional customer service with swift response times and streamlined operations. We are dedicated to upholding stringent quality standards and embracing innovation, such as digital transformation, to continually enhance our services. Above all, we are committed to fostering unwavering trust with our valued customers, ensuring lasting and successful partnerships.